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ITP Research funded or supported by the Association

There is no state funding for ITP research, nor does The ITP Support Association receive any government funding, so it is entirely due to the generous donations and fundraising efforts of people with an interest in ITP that such valuable and much-needed research, as listed below, has been carried out.

2021 Grants for the ITP Registries:

Past grants awarded include:

We have been supporting the ITP Registries each year

Other past grants:

  • £24,740 The development of a blood test to predict responses to steroid treatment in patients with immune thrombocytopenia.
  • £8,500 Immune thrombocytopenia, immunomodulation and fatigue.
  • £20,000 Can susceptibility-weighted MRI be used to investigate brain micro haemorrhage in thrombocytopenic patients?

A study of the Implementation of Romiplostim & Eltrombopag in the NHS in England by Lisa Cooper

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