ITP Awareness

What does ITP stand for?

Immune Thrombocytopenia (An autoimmune disorder (Immune) causing a shortage of small cells in the blood known as platelets (Thrombocytopenic) Formerly known as Idiopathic (of unknown origin) Thrombocytopenic Purpura (bruising) .

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The Platelet

The Platelet

The Platelet is the quarterly journal of The ITP Support Association. A current edition is included in the information pack and each issue is sent free of charge to those members on our mailing list.

Features include:-
• News and views on ITP related matters

• Reader’s questions answered by one of the Association’s Medical Advisors
• Updates on ITP research and clinical trials
• Updates on the adult and childhood registries by UK ITP specialists
• Readers’ letters
• ITP articles by three leading ITP specialists in America (see American Perspective)
• General medical information or advice pertaining to ITP
• Articles from patients outlining their ITP experiences
• News and photos from people who hold ITP fundraising events
• Reviews and photos from the annual ITP Convention

Many readers tell us that they find The Platelet a 'lifeline'. When first diagnosed, people with ITP often feel isolated and frightened to have a disease with a complicated name that they have never heard of before. Those with a chronic condition (long term ITP) can become frustrated that their treatment has been unsuccessful and want to know all the available options to manage their condition. The Platelet offers up to date ITP information and reassurance, and helps ITP patients to feel supported and understood.

The Platelet is available free to our members, if you would like to join the ITP Support Association and have access to the Platelet and other free information leaflets then join our association today Click here to join >>>