Medical Advisors

Medical Advisors to the ITP Support Association

'The ITP Support Association has made a substantial difference to the lives of those afflicted with this rare disorder (or rather these rare disorders, since there are subtly different types). Treatment is often difficult to make informed decisions about because the accumulated evidence for efficacy is mostly based on different doctors' opinions rather than hard evidence from carefully designed clinical trials, and doctors are notorious for seeing only two ways of doing things - their way and the wrong way. The Association has therefore developed into a unique, balanced and sound source of advice and information, and families can trust it to educate them and offer reassurance when things seem frightening. It can do this on a personal basis or through its well established publication, The Platelet.

Additionally it has begun to gather sufficient funds to support important research, from simple systematic collection of information about the frequency and outcome of ITP through to cutting edge analysis of gene variations that might relate to the chance of getting it or how those who do, respond to treatment. It thus plays an increasingly important role in advancing medical knowledge. Professor Sir John Lilleyman

Professor Adrian Newland CBE MA FRCP FRCPath, Dr. Gerard Crotty, MB BCh BAO, FRCPath, FRCPI Dr. Drew Provan MD FRCP FRCPath
 catherine bagot  Dr. Catherine Bagot
Dr John Grainger MBChB MD MRCP FRCPath

Dr Will Lester

Dr Nichola Cooper MS, MBBS, MD, FRCP, FRCPath
Dr Jecko Thachil MRCP FRCPath Dr Michael Richards MA BM BCh DM MRCP FRCPath Dr Cindy Neunert MD, MSCS (USA)
Professor Spero Cataland MD, FAAP (USA)  

 louise taylor new copy



Louise Taylor,

ITP Nurse Consultant & Trials Manager


Veterinary Advisor
Andrew Kent BVSc