All-Ireland ITP Support Group Meeting July 2022


This is a recording of the All-Ireland ITP Patient Meeting was held on 5th July 2022.

The Health Care Professional answering questions was ITP Support Association Medical Advisor Dr Gerard Crotty. Also taking part were ITPSA Senior Patient Mentor Mrs Rhonda Anderson, ITPSA Vice Chair Mr Derek Elston and ITPSA CEO Mervyn Morgan.

Subjects discussed during this meeting were as follows:

Rare side effects from taking Eltrombopag.

Low ferritin levels and Iron deficiency.

Eyebrow tattooing?

Covid Booster vaccinations.

Insulin and ITP?


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Support association also have a very helpful leaflet on ITP and Dental Treatment which Remember, issues with tiredness and fatigue are very debilitating. These can be discussed with your clinician, and it is necessary to find ways to deal with these effects. Keep a diary of how you are feeling, you can do small activities interspersed with rest. To download a copy of the PDF Booklet, titled ‘Fatigue in ITP please click this link: