Covid 19 Vaccine and Boosters Q&A Meeting - Video

Covid 19 Vaccine and Boosters Q&A Meeting

7pm Thursday 17th February 2022


This is the recording of the ITP Support Group Meeting covering Covid-19 Vaccines and Boosters. The meeting took place on Thursday 17th February 2022 with patient questions being put to Prof. Adrian Newland Chair of the ITPSA, Dr Sue Pavord, Dr Vicky McDonald, Mervyn Morgan CEO of the ITPSA, Rhonda Anderson Senior Patient Mentor and Board Member Derek Elston.

Our Covid-19 Vaccine Survey is still open, we have added some additional questions covering the Booster vaccine jab. We would also welcome any youngsters with ITP (18’s and below) who have had their vaccine to complete the survey. Please go to our website at: to take part. The initial survey results can also be found on our website.

One of the questions was regarding vaccinations for children, please refer to the following advice from Dr John Gregory which is available on our website at

For further information regarding ITP and Covid visit our Covid Hub at